Hotels Dealing with the Reality of COVID-19

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted lives more than we can ever imagine. Social distancing and all safety measures point to a world where the travel industry takes a huge hit which in turns affects hotel and restaurant business the most. but it’s not all bad news there are some measures we can take to keep the wheels turning and also keeping our guests safe.

It is key to minimize human to human contact so some changes that can be seen being taken are plexiglass in the front desk and minimal contact check-in and check-out. having staff wear masks at all times and sanitize the lobby and the front desk often. It is very crucial to keep the areas that are frequently touched sanitized and clean as these surfaces can contribute to transmission. Something else that should be kept in mind is room service. That experience will be very different as most hotels are taking measures to minimize the surfaces that a guest might touch. Some other steps could be to not visit a guest too often without necessity as this will ensure less chances of transmission.

It is also important to keep in mind that the employees are the ones helping you keep your organization running, their safety is important. If your staff are well equipped it will also develop trust in the customers and will help you get customers in this time of crisis. Having a training course in place before an organization is opened will ensure everyone remembers and has well practiced the required safety protocols. Some new cleaning techniques should also be adopted such as UV lights to disinfect rooms, or waiting an hour after a guest has checked out to enter a room, and most importantly automatic hand sanitizers and wipes. These safety measures can t be stressed enough how much will make the guests comfortable and willing to check in.


It is time the Hotel industry invests in technology such as ‘low-touch’ experiences such as mobile check-in and check-out, better regulations on air filtration and most importantly efficient sanitation protocols. A hotel may also advertise how it cleans and how their employees maintain safety protocols. These will assure guests and make them feel safe. And lastly letting your guest know of the commitment you have to  creating a clean and safe environment for your guests. Having a dedicated cleaning crew will minimize the risk of transmission or spread of the virus and will keep the guests at peace.

Hotels can also take pointers and inspiration from hospitals in the cleaning department which is implemented properly will give guests ease of mind and will encourage them to stay at your hotel.