SEO For Beginners

It can be scary and daunting for someone to deal with such a technical thing like SEO. There is no need to be scared in some easy steps you will have a good understanding of it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it means it’s a method by which you can rank up on google search list. There are 4 core things that help you understand SEO

1.How is a result ranked?

A result is ranked by some bots that google uses. These bots travel from websites to websites documenting the contents in them. A result is ranked by its relevance and keywords. Keywords are directed by how that defines the core search and how people are using them to relate to your search.

2.What is a Keyword?

A Keyword can be an adjective or relative word that links or correlates to the main word. For example a keyword for a chicken can be a flightless bird. It is important to identify that word so that your search ranks higher in the google search list.

3.How unique can it be?

It is true that your keyword has to be unique but that is that right amount of uniqueness that it must have. If a word is too unique it will not appear on a normal person’s search result and if it is not unique enough it will be lost in a sea of other results.

4.On page or Off page SEO?

On page SEO deals with working within your web site to rank higher. Mostly On page SEO is done with richer content and some tinkering with the source code. And Off page SEO is done with linking your website with other websites and working with external links.